Video advertising Nike Mercurial Vapor III: Ronaldo VS Nadal


Maybe you’ve witnessed the action of the world’s top tennis player, Rafa Nadal in the field. You may already be accustomed to see the action when he defeated his opponents. However, have you ever seen Nadal play tennis against the soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo? Try to imagine them playing.

The match between Nadal against Cristino ronaldo this is only happening on the ads launched by the sports equipment manufacturer Nike. This ad featuring Rafa Nadal who is doing exercises suddenly approached and challenged by Ronaldo to play tennis. Interestingly, Ronaldo did not use the racquet against Nadal, but Ronaldo just wearing new football boots from Nike, The Mercurial Vapor VIII.

This ad was launched by Nike as a media campaign to introduce the products of their latest soccer shoes, Mercurial Vapor VIII. Cristiano Ronaldo was asked to become iconic shoe. Rafa Nadal also was asked by Nike to be their product icon in the sport of tennis. Rafa Nadal is one athletes are close to Real Madrid troops.

Latest football boots of nike, Mercurial Vapor VIII launched on Saturday, March 24th. For more details, please watch the video advertising the latest football boots from Nike, the Mercurial Vapor VIII the below;

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