Unique Shoes, Made of 1,050 Pieces of Human Teeth


Shoes with unique design is now more and more are created by the designer shoes. The most recent was the work of two British designers. These shoes are made by those with decorated 1050 ‘human teeth‘.

Mariana Fantich and Dominici Young, are the names of two designers who made these shoes with dentures. Except as decoration, these dentures are also used to replace rubber soles, usually located at the bottom of the shoe.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, the entire bottom of the shoe black leather is look adorned with many teeth. Teeth are used not just white, there are several gold color teeth.

These unique shoes are directly inviting comments some people. “In art, this is very interesting but if I recall there teeth under my feet, so that makes me want to vomit..  Although dentures.” Wrote one commentator.

Fantich and Young describe these shoes as ‘are predators with no predators‘. This shoe is actually a modified version of the shoe from Barker that has stood since 1880.

In 2010, the two designers also made a similar work called The Apex Predators, are shoes decorated with hair, eyes and teeth.

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