Tips to choose the form and style of shoe


Just like when shopping fashion must adjust our body shape, so also when buying shoes. Wearing shoes with style does not suit your body shape will only make the body look shorter or legs look fat.

How many of us have ever really thought about the style and shape of the shoe has been in accordance with the shape of the body? Here are the main considerations that should be emphasized when selecting a shoe style. These tips are especially emphasized more for women

  1. The size and shape of the body.
  2. The size and shape of the foot.
  3. Color and high heels.
  4. The type of event that will be visited or the overall performance style as what is asked Invitor.

Determine the style of shoe is just as important as determining the style of clothing. So do you pick the wrong choice in determining the style of shoe.


In the image above, Which picture shows the style of a woman is wrong in choosing shoes?

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