Tips on Choosing Shoes for Pregnant Women


For normal women (not pregnant) high heels are not good for the wearer. Both in terms of safety and health aspects. Suck us I wrote here, there is some risk to the wearer of high heels. It applies to non-pregnant women. And how to pregnant women? I suggest to stop wearing high heels now, so it is very dangerous.

When a pregnant woman, usually his feet become swollen due to the widening of blood vessels by increasing the hormone progesterone in the body. To ensure your trip enjoyable, you should wear comfortable shoes or sandals and more loosely. Choose shoes that have soft pads,  choose the type of shoes are elastic. This shoe will make the legs move freely and without feeling intrusive. To prevent slipping or falling, you should wear strappy shoes like sneakers.  For pregnant women who are still working. Choose a flat shoe with formal models such as leather shoes or shoes with straps. Flat shoes are the best type of shoes to used for pregnant women. In addition, backless shoes or sandals can be used when relaxed.

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