Tips Caring for leather shoes


Shoes originally created for the comfort and security of our feet. But now not only that, the shoe is now also a fashion item that is very important as well.

Therefore we also need to pay attention to this one. Both in the use and care, so our favorite shoes can be more durable or not short-lived than it should, because it is caused because it is not treated. Or treated but in the wrong way.

Each item will require a different treatment depending on the shape of goods and materials, not except for shoes. It is even asking the right care. And here I will give you tips for caring for shoes made ??of leather, namely:

  1. If shoes / sandals made of genuine leather, keep it in a dry and not humid.
  2. Avoid drying sandals / leather in direct sunlight. Sufficiently aerated so as not to damp and moldy.
  3. Do not rub leather shoes by using water, use a soft material such as cloth, etc..
  4. For suede shoes (skin type as well, with a surface like velvet), almost the same as shoe leather, but this material must be cleaned by brushing with a soft brush or spray cleaner specifically for suede material, such as artificial cololite specifically for cleansing leather.
  5. After cleaning aerated enough alone and let the shoes within a few minutes to completely dry and then stored in a shoe box that has been given silica gel.
  6. Especially for white shoes, can be cleaned using white toothpaste until evenly on the shoe leather to avoid chapped and more durable.
  7. Use a wedge in the shoe to keep the shape, if you do not have / lost, can also us e a piece of paper that you form in accordance with the shape of shoes.
  8. To prevent the shoe does not smell, do not wear shoes with foot conditions that are wet, this can cause bacteria to grow and eventually your shoes become smelly.
  9. For those of you who have foot problems are always sweating, you need to clean and dry your feet before wearing shoes.
  10. For double defense, use of special drugs or foot spray deodorant spray on the inside of the shoe, after that do not directly in use, Self aerated. There is also a protective material such as artificial DESCO protector as well as others, these materials while protecting the waterproof shoes in order.

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