The Right of Shoes Lady Gaga Auctioned $ 6,478


Lady Gaga ever throw a shoe at one concert. Now the remaining shoes will be auctioned and expected to sell for $ 6,478.

That the platform shoes will be auctioned on the auction house ‘Drouot Richelie‘, Paris, February 11. That metallic shoes are made of leather, height 12 cm and has a cutout detail.

Gaga was last seen wearing a shoe that looks like it’s made of glass during a concert in Paris, France, December 19, 2010. That Born This Way singer threw a shoe at the audience in a series of concerts that had the theme Monster’s Ball Tour.

Now the shoe will be auctioned in the town where he was last seen barefoot. Richelie Drouot auction experts predict, although only the right shoe, can be sold for U.S. $ 6,478.

These shoes are very valuable because these shoes are made from the brand Emporio Armani which is a second line of Giorgio Armani. And Gaga is also known as a fan of the Italian designer. For Born This Way tour this year he used the Armani design clothing.

In an interview with WWD, Armani admitted very pleased to collaborate with Gaga. “I admire how she uses fashion as an element of beauty and to build character. He’s an artist with many talents and skills,” said the 78 year old designer.

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