The new trend: Vibram Five Fingers shoe, sport shoes a functional unisex


Vibram Five Fingers shoe is a functional unisex sports shoe. These shoes are very flexible and comfortable to use for various activities. This is an American product into current trends in Europe and America. So that now has spread to other states.

These shoes are very comfortable on the foot, Suitable for casual and sports activities. Unique form with a style that is trendy and suitable for use by all groups, young and old.

Vibram shoes are very light to wear for sports, so users feel as if you do not wear shoes. This shoe is suitable for various sports activities such as fitness, yoga, cycling, light hiking / cross country, jogging / running, etc.

Vibram also suitable for various activities or to relax or go to the mall. Currently available models BIKILA, TRACKSPORT, and SPRINT CLASSIC.

Difference is in its sol type: BIKILA and his soles TRACKSPORT more rugged making it suitable for any terrain, while SPRINT CLASSIC and flat soles, perfect for the road – the road.

You include people who are very active? there is no harm in wearing these shoes for your support in her daily activities..

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