The Meaning of The Code Numbers On New Shoes Ronaldo


Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo will use new shoes when playing against Real Sociedad on Sunday, January 6, 2013 later. There is something special about special shoes from Nike.

Nike produces special edition shoe for Ronaldo, CR Mercurial IX. Portugal national team captain will display this shoe for the first time at the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid headquarters, the first match of the weekend in La Liga this early 2013.

As reported Dirty Tackle, latest shoes Ronaldo the dominant color with shades of white and pink. The color does look different from the image that Nike released because the play of light.

A pair of shoes that there were some letters and numbers that have a meaning related to the career of Ronaldo. Among other writings CR (Cristiano Ronaldo short name), CR7 (short name plus a number), as well as a series of seven numbers that have a special meaning for the world’s top players was born February 5, 1985.

The meaning of the seven code number on CR Mercurial IX shoes are the various accomplishments throughout the 2011-12 season Ronaldo. Which means the details:

  • 1: The first league title
  • 9: Total goals for the national team of Portugal
  • 14: Total games with the national team
  • 19: The first player to score against the 19 teams in La Liga
  • 27: Age in 2012
  • 55: number of games for the club in all competitions
  • 60: number of goals for the club in all competitions

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