The King Bey, Beyonce New Leather Shoes


More recently, singer Beyonce released her new shoe design. To make shoes, the singer of the song “Love on Top” is working with top designers Isabel Marant. The King Bey is the name Isabel Warant’s wedge shoes sneakers are designed PMK in collaboration with Beyonce. As reported by U.S. Magazine, Thursday (28/4), white shoes with gold accents are made from various animal skins, such as fish skin, crocodile skin, and the skin of an anaconda.

PMK is a favorite shoe brand Beyonce and Jay Z. In fact, Jay-Z has designed shoes for the last year called Brooklyn Zoo are made from various animal skins such as boa constrictor, python, lizard, crocodile, ostrich, sting rays and other exotic animals.

Beyonce is one singer who likes to wear costumes made of snake skin. While performing at the Super Bowl, he’s wearing a tight leather dress from python and iguana skin. Because of her dress, the wife of rapper Jay-Z was drawn protests from animal-loving organization, People for the Ethical Treatment ofAnimals (PETA).

Until now, the price of the shoes King-Bey is not yet known. For comparison, a pair of wedge shoes are usually sold for more than $ 350, so the price of Beyonce shoes would have been more expensive.

let’s see what new leather shoes Beyonce, this King Bey.


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