Shoes from Christian Louboutin Will Make You Like a Princess


After waiting for months, Christian Louboutin has finally launched a shoe that is inspired by fairy tale Cinderella. A pair of these shoes can be your choice to make it look trendy like a princess.

French shoe designer that will revive the dream or the imagination of everyone who has ever read a fairy tale Walt Disney would this glass shoe. Louboutin makes this Cinderella glass shoe at the request of Walt Disney as the celebration was the release of Cinderella movies in the concept of Blue-Ray.

This exclusive pair of shoes covered or coated with embroidered lace embellished with colorful swarovski crystals. Retro-style shoes in the 1950s is also decorated with butterfly ornament on the front and back of the shoe so as to make look more pretty.

As reported by Pure Trend, Designer famous for red soled shoes was desperately in search of creative inspiration to create this shoe, “Cinderella is a beauty icon, an icon of elegance and also an icon of love, but also symbolizes the world of shoes,” says Christian Louboutin.

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