Shoe Collection Fall / Winter 2012-2013 from Louboutin


Some time ago the Christian Louboutin has launched a collection of Fall / Winter 2012-2013 entitled ‘Monumentum‘. Inspiration comes from anywhere, including a computer and the Scottish Tartan pattern.

For this winter, Louboutin will feature many kinds of shoes and accessories for formal events. a touch of glamor, as defined in the detail design such as studded (spikes) and crystals everywhere. For example, such as platform shoes named ‘Decora‘ and ‘Highness Pot‘ which sells for $ 5000.

And Louboutin also gives customers the freedom to be creative with the shoes he made. Designers from Paris it has provided a collection of ‘customade’ which allows customers to choose and mix and match colors for crystal shoes she wants.

Some Christian Louboutin shoe collection that includes ‘Lady Peep Strass‘, reaching ‘Strass Gozul Flat‘ which requires a four-month process.

In addition to the crystal and studded detail, Louboutin also offers shoes with tartan motif that is identical to the state of Scotland. Not only for women’s shoes, men’s collection is also present in the tartan is available in a palette of blue and red.

The designer known as the red soles are also taking computer as inspiration. So do not be surprised if he gave the name of the shoes with the ‘extras’, Geek. For example, ‘Daffodille Geek‘ and ‘Boot Daffodille Geek‘. Shoes are adorned with colorful embroidery to describe the texture of a computer chip.

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