Personality of a woman who likes to wear shoes Ballerina Flats


For women, probably familiar with the phrase “Shoes are so tempting to buy”. Agree right?. And, consciously or not that even though our weight go up or down, but the size of the shoes we wear has never changed. Not believe it? please check!

Confidence will also automatically increase if we are wearing shoes that became we favorite. Now, check your shoe collection, consisting mostly what kind of shoes, or what shoes you wear most often? Indirectly it will describe your personality.

And for that this time I’ll give a little review about your personality if you are a fan of the type of shoes Ballerina Flats.


If you like to wear flat shoes of this type means that you are a friendly and quick to adapt to new environments because it has a fairly high confidence. Sometimes you also become very sensitive. So, do not be surprised if you are sensitive to the feelings of others. Although happy to look feminine in everyday life, but you also have an active and energetic personality.

How? My prediction is it true?

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