Peek at Suri Cruise’s shoe collection


The only daughter of the couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise has been known to have a taste to dress like a woman. Five-year-old girl reportedly also has a collection of shoes designed specifically practiced by famous designers.

As quoted from page Femalefirst, Suri collection of designer shoes are worth more than £ 100,000.

“Suri has lots of designer shoes. He is a fan of Marc Jacobs, and he also has some shoes to her own designs. If the shoe does not have the right, Katie asked her to be redesigned to Suri,” said a source.

Suri will insist on only wearing high heels. Even when he went to play or take a walk on the beach. She would cry when she picked her slippers, and will require high heels instead.

The father, Tom does not seem to mind the wishes of the daughter. Movie stars ‘Mission Impossible’ was actually happy to see her little girl dress up girlie.

“Tom was pleased to see his little girl dressing up girlie and sweet. He said that Suri will grow up to be fashionable like her mother,” the source said.

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