Le Chal, Shoes for The Blind


For people who have vision problems (blind), is certainly not easy to go to a place, other than in front of the obstacles that must be considered, also the problem of determining the location is also very difficult. Researchers from Hewlett-Packard Labs in Bangalore, India named Anirudh Sharma developed a shoe that comes with proximity sensor and vibration typically found on mobile phones.

Shoes that are called by Le Chal (meaning “Take Me There”) will be able to show the way to and at the same time to warn the wearer if the 3 m in front of something is blocking (with the help of proximity). The workings of this shoe is very simple is, the vibration sensor is placed on the front and right and left and then if the users have to move forward then the vibration sensor in the front will be active, and when to turn right / left side of the sensor will be active. Le Chal certainly can not work alone, as a navigator has provided an Android application that can be synchronized with this shoe.

In our opinion, this is a good idea too, but why we are somewhat skeptical. when we walk, what we could feel the vibration in the legs, except the vibrations are very strong. What is your opinion?

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