Lady Gaga & Elle Fanning Began to Popularize ‘Pilgrim Shoes’


Lady Gaga is known for wearing a unique fashion item. One is the ‘pilgrim shoe. Not only Gaga too, Elle Fanning was also seen wearing stylish shoes like supernatural creatures.

Named ‘pilgrim shoes‘ because it looks like the shoes worn by the pilgrim, the supernatural creature who likes to wear a tall hat, wide collar and loafers with a large buckle detail. Pilgrim shoes, it seems somewhat similar to loafers that have thick soles.

In this photo taken from People magazine, the singer of ‘Born This Way‘ is seen wearing red shoes with gold ornaments. Gaga came up with a thick platform shoes. The shoe is a fashion design house Versace.

Unlike Dakota Fanning’s sister, Elle. 14-year-old actress was seen wearing a purple and pink pilgrim shoes while attending a screening of the film in New York some time ago. He combines a unique shoe with black overalls interest in arms.

Pilgrim shoes trend began when Marc Jacobs show off summer 2012 fashion collection. He brought pilgrim shoes with metallic pink palette, bronze and silver. But there is also a black, blue and gray. For details, Marc Jacobs buckle embellished with crystals and floral accents at the top of the shoe.

These unique shoes suitable for fashion enthusiasts who love to look edgy and want to attract attention. As a recommendation, wear shoes with a simple channel or skinny pants. In addition to be able to balance a unique look, it can also help you avoid the impression of the foot of the ‘sink’ for shoe shape is quite large.

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