Know the personality of a man through his favorite shoes


If some time ago I reviewed the Personality of a woman who likes to wear shoes Ballerina Flats, now I will try to learn Know the personality of a man through his favorite shoes.

like women, men are now also very considerate to one component of this fashion. Because it is indisputable that the shoe is a fashion component that is also as important as other components, such as shirts, pants and more. Such as women’s shoes, to meet the fashion needs of men now also have available a variety of shoes for men, from the shape and type.

As in the case of food, music and other things, in terms of fashion (especially shoes) a man who is very concerned about the appearance should also be concerned about these shoes (favorite shoes). Not without reason they do it, but otherwise, they will also have a reason. They may love the color, or type, or even a particular brand of shoes.


  • Men who like to wear sneakers.

If a man is often seen wearing sneakers, usually he is an athlete or sportsman. These men usually prefer to play safe, do not want to attract the attention of others.



  • Men who like to wear loafers Shoes.

He is a man who works related to finance, banking, or insurance. If your boyfriend often wear shoes of this type, it means that he hoped the serious with your relationship.



  • Men who like to wear boats shoes.

He is a man who wants to always look presentable. Want to look more prominent or have a high confidence and also has a strong will. but be careful, these people usually do not have a steady job.



  • Men who like to wear oxford shoes.

He was a hard worker, humble, understanding and thirst for the attention of a woman.



  • Men who like to wear boots.

He was one of the intelligent, independent and wealthy, very good, and a faithful man. but sometimes she looks too slow or lack of workmanlike.


Review of the above is my opinion, then how do you think??

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