How High Heel Shoes Cause Back Pain


Some women are attracted to master the art of walking in high heels. Although in a state hospital was accustomed to high heels. While others give up and remain loyal and prefer flat shoes line.

Martin Bell, Orthotis, clinical and rehabilitation health professionals, of England hated by patients with joint pain caused by their favorite shoes. He also set a course to teach how to walk in high heels is right. The idea was sparked since he was inundated by complaints from women who suffer from back and knee pain caused by high heels

According to Martin, back and knee pain triggered by the way the woman was standing when using high heels. And he warned that women who do not learn to walk properly in high heels, they could end up with chronic joint problems.

In class he would record his students how to walk in high heels, and then analyze the mistakes and train them how to walk the right and fight bad habits.

“Legs are shock buffeting between the earth and the body, so if we do not go well feet will hurt”. He said there is no single approach to teaching women to walk on their heels. because every woman has a habit and control leg movements are different. Well, that is trained is to change the bad habits that burden the work of the back and knees.


So these tips to practice walking on high heels of Martin Bell.

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