For masculine men please check type of this shoe


Men’s shoes will not be as many models of women’s shoes are up to tens of its kind. So is the matter of color, men’s shoes usually have a rather limited choice of colors. special shoes for men there are several types that I can give as a reference.



This is the kind of men’s shoes, tied with rope. And including sneakers. These types of shoes are usually made ??of leather and simple, and sometimes have perforated holes that serves as a vent. These types of shoes are from Scotland and Ireland and called Barmoral.

At first most of oxford shoes, black or brown. Then, these oxford shoes made ??of suede or leather is patterned so that no more like the type initially. Especially at this time there are also types of oxford shoes with more exotic colors such as purple, as well as more exotic materials like crocodile or snake skin that can be called by the name Brogue.




If oxford shoes comes with a rope, then in the 1930’s, appearing casual shoes with berslip-on model. Then in the 1950’s youth in the U.S. popularized this type of shoe to become a favorite shoe for the students. And as a fashion statement, they put a penny on the shoe. So that the shoe is known to “Shoes Penny” until now. These shoes are developed into formal or semi formal shoes.

Because they do not have laces easier to use and practical, so these shoes are preferred. Now the shoe has a name Weejuns Bass.




This is one kind of shoes are made more masculine, soft leather and a low-cut so that it displays more of the foot.




Still one of the types of shoes as well. These shoes are popular in the 1920’s, and usually have two colors. Types of shoes are also popular among men who like style. In England, the type of shoes called ‘correspondent shoes’.


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