Fear of Falling, Jessica Alba Using Tape in His Shoes


Wearing high heels a few inches is not easy. If not an expert, you can fall or slip and foot sprains. Actress Jessica Alba, has a way of ‘smart’ but it looks odd tip. Stars the movie ‘Fantastic Four‘ glue pulled her legs into the bottom of the shoe using a double tape to keep from falling while wearing high heels.

Women 31 years was admitted to often slip when walking in high heels. So to avoid embarrassment when appearing in public, he used a double tape on his feet. “I glue the shoe to your foot with a double tape. Shoes off when I’ve walked, and made me fall .. It is often happens,” she said according to Contact Music.

Double tape is a tape with adhesive on both sides. Normally used to glue the wrapping paper so it looks more neat and beautiful.

A similar trick performed by the designer Marc Jacobs. He did it on his model in order to avoid falling while walking on the catwalk, creative director of Louis Vuitton is to glue shoes on the feet with glue.

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