Eternal Diamond Stilettos, Shoes By Price £ 100,000


Shoe fans of the jet set now busy ordering the most expensive shoes in the world, worth 100 thousand pounds, this shoe is called “Eternal Diamond Stiletto” is made of pure gold and studded with genuine diamonds. Expensive shoes are made by the Board Borgezie.

Why are prices high?. Because these shoes are made of gold and diamonds. One shoe spend 2200 30-carat diamond grains. Skilled hands designing luxury shoes is Christopher Michael Shellis, a jewelry designer from England.

Shoe buyers certainly not ordinary people, given the price is very expensive. According to the gossip, famous names such as Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton have signed up for order this exclusive shoe.

Shellis, the creator said that this shoe is not just footwear, but in the jewelry category of “Jewelry is an exclusive and perpetual diamond, like a diamond.” No kidding, the warranty is really awesome. Ie during 1000 (one thousand) years! These shoes can be inherited by our grandchildren as befits a royal crown or family jewelry.

Via : Dailymail

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