Do not often wear high heels


HIGH heel is the mirror image of the feminine and beautiful and at the same time reflect a sense of luxury and women’s empowerment. Therefore, no one if high heels are always adorned the feet of women.

High heels started to be part of the fashion world since it was introduced by King Louis XIV of France and then spread throughout Europe. From the time of Louis XIV to date, high heels are present and ever-changing face and into many types.

Now that high heels have been around a lot of variants, ranging from sexy stilettos to wedges are multifunctional. Over time, the function of high heels has undergone a shift. Not only as footwear, but also a style statement. Especially after the many outstanding Movie that tells about the lifestyle of urban women, like the movie “Devil Wears Prada” and “Sex and The City” which later became the benchmark for the style of urban women.

Wearing high heels, although it can make look beautiful and be an upright posture, does not mean risk free. Survey of foot health by said, that the foot receives a heavier load pressure while wearing high heels.

Wearing high heels as high as 3 inches or 7 cm may increase the pressure on the bottom of the front foot by 76%, especially when walking. To “prop up” an additional burden, the body requires strong leg bones. Speaking of bones, must have been talking about calcium intake for this substance is an agent that can strengthen bones.

Other than that there are still some risks that can result from overuse of high-heeled shoes, such as:

  1. Ankle injury.
  2. Contraction of the calf muscles, so it becomes shorter and tense.
  3. Toes to be bent.
  4. Spinal posture change (back). Hip and back are no longer aligned.
  5. Thickening of the nerve so that the fingers become numb fingers.
  6. Inhibits blood circulation.
  7. Inhibit the urogenital system (exhaust system).
  8. Inhibit fertility and sexual desire.

It is recommended for women who like to wear high heels to notice this, it is advisable to reduce the hours of wearing high heels or high heels at an important time only. and do not forget to stretch your legs after wearing high heels.

Look beautiful is a dream for all women, but health is more important.

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