Distances become much more running with adidas adiZero Aegis


Understand the needs of runners, Adidas presents the Aegis adiZero. A new product with a light weight that can facilitate the runners reach the best performance without the heavy burdened boots.

Adidas has a unique method to introduce the Aegis adiZero this to their customers, through the initiative of the program “adiZero Gram Challenge”. With this program, challenging the Adidas runners to reduce the burden of their old shoes through a very simple approach, namely: Go Light, Go Fast, Go long.

On this design adidas adiZero Aegis provides more cushioning, but with a lighter weight that will support the runners reach peak performance. This will make the runners with foot type over-pronators or have a skewed shape of the foot will run in the very long distances. While the runners with a normal foot type, will be able to further improve his running mileage.

Other features on the adiZero Aegis among others “New 3D Lightweight For-Motion”. This technology makes the runners to move freely and can adjust to the surface.

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