Derrick Rose Contracted by Adidas for $ 250 Million


Derrick Rose get a contract from Adidas worth $ 250 million. The coffers of private property Derrick Rose continues to grow. According to ESPN, Adidas shoe company will provide a superstar ‘point guard‘ of the Chicago Bulls with high contract.

With that contract, of course Derrick Rose will always appear wearing Adidas shoes, and for that Adidas also has designed a special shoe that is named with the last name Rose, and the latest adiZero Rose is adiZero Rose 2.5 shoes.

One source insisted that the contract Rose reached nine digit, which ranged in the $ 250 million – or $ 25 million per year for 10 years. How can the winner  MVP of the 2010-2011 season was able to get much money from Adidas?

Rose is rumored to be the only one who could ward off Kobe Bryant and Nike in China. According to other sources, Rose has successfully surpass sales of LeBron James merchandise in China.

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