CR7 Will Look More Sweet with Typical Bavarian Shoes


Unique incidence occurred before the match Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid was held. Several hours before the fight took place, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil, and Karim Benzema, claiming loss of football boots in the locker room Allianz Arena. Stronghold of Madrid complained the matter to UEFA. However, one of the announcers Bayern 1, Stephen Lehmann, was not accepted when the Germans are regarded as thieves.

To that end, Lehmann asked his audience to be willing to donate shoes to replace the shoes belonging to the Madrid players, especially Ronaldo. However, the shoes will be donated instead of soccer shoes, but typical of the types of shoes Bavaria.”We need a brogue shoes to size 43. Shoes for the world’s most expensive player (Ronaldo),” Lehmann said. Then, Lehmann asked the contributor to write a line in the shoes. “For Cristiano Ronaldo. The Bavarian is not a shoe thief. But, we will replace your shoes are missing. We will give brogue shoes for you. With those shoes, you probably will not score many goals. But, you will look nicer,” Lehmann continued.


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