Are you an animal lover? Please wear this shoe


Created by German designer Iris Schieferstein, these shoes are created from body parts of dead animals. For example, he uses a horse’s hoof, snake skin and dead birds.

To create a unique style of footwear, Iris began collecting dead animal parts from his butcher. “It’s not too difficult” he said. For example, he could get away from the horse butcher who sells sausages made of horse meat, which is not uncommon in Germany. So also with other animals. Not too difficult to obtain in Germany.

After Iris obtain raw materials of animal carcasses, then he separates the skin from the meat and the leg bones of animals and will take at least a week. Once it is dry and clean skin is sent to the tanner, who was then designed a model of the shoes you want. Total time to make shoes that are made out of hooves is Iris takes several months for making a ready-made shoes.

Several collections of Iris including a pair of shoes made of horse’s feet without heels so that the person wearing the shoes should be smart to balance the foot. Another collection is a pair of shoes made of pigeons that stretched his wings, so you have time its use slowly, so that its wings were not easily damaged. And there are still some other shoe collections, such as snake skin shoes and leather shoes and head of rats.

Iris are very pleased with his shoe creations. “When my shoes are made from real birds dove in, I felt like I was flying,” he said. How do you think? Please try it yourself.

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