Action RunTone Reebok, Sport shoes premiums that can make your legs become proportionally


British shoe manufacturer, Reebok issued a new footwear technology with the launch of Reebok RunTone Action for the European market. Reebok claims RunTone Action can help to get the muscles stronger and take shape while doing sports.

This shoe has six different balance point of the shoe itself that serves as a tool for air circulation. The balance point is obtained from the soles of shoes that make the muscles work more effectively. Antibacterial Interior will retain moisture under His control, and SmoothFit technology seam will also carry the very maximum comfort.

For women who want a more beautiful legs and for men who want to strengthen their muscles, RunTone Action model of male and female models are now available at Reebok stores in Europe. Reebok hopes to use RunTone Action, exercising will be more enjoyable than ever.

The RunTone Action is an innovative running shoe technology and is optimized with Moving Air Technology. Built-in balance pods serve as circulation or exchange of air from the inside out to maintain stability at any time you ran.

This shoe features include:

  1. Balance ball on the bottom of your function is to create micro-instability with every step.
  2. Synthetic upper/mesh ensure comfort and durability.
  3. SmoothFit seamless design helps minimize irritation and blisters.
  4. DMX cushioning for added comfort and relieve pressure on.
  5. IMEVA midsole for extra cushioning, and a removable sockliner accommodates orthotics.


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