5 Tips When Buying Shoes


Activity of many women shopping, buying shoes is the most enjoyable activities. But if done carelessly, you might just be wearing your new shoes 2-3 times and then end up dusty on the shelves of shoes.

In order not to wrong choice of shoes, Consider the following five tips when buying shoes:

  • Shop in the afternoon

After a day of activities, the feet will usually be slightly swollen. This is a good time to buy and try on shoes, because that time your feet are largest in size and you will not suffer because of buying shoes that are narrow.

  • Notice of material

Adjust with trends okay. But for the health of the feet, choose a material that allows your feet to “breathe”. The best option is a leather or a soft synthetic material. Avoid plastic or leather material is rigid, inflexible, and does not provide a place for your feet for “breathe”.

  • Try first

Shoe size is never the same in every country, even in every brand. This is why it is not advisable to buy shoes online that depend on the number of shoes. In order not to end up with shoes that are too small, too big, or not comfortable to wear, always try on a pair of shoes. If you buy shoes that will be worn with socks, also wear socks when you try it.

  • Walking a few steps

It’s important to know whether the shoes are comfortable on your feet when used for walking. Do not expect shoes the longer it will become increasingly more comfortable. When first tried, the shoes may still be stiff. But if it is not comfortable to walk, will remain so even if you have been using them for months.

  • Fitting in foot

Shoes that fit the foot is a shoe that holds the heel so well that when you walk in heel position is not shifted shoe. Also make sure your toes are not too close together in a shoe. Shoes must leave a space between the big toe and the longest toe.

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