5 Tips to Ensure High Heels Are Not Harmful to The Feet


High heels favored by many women because it helps support the posture of the beautiful and sexy. Regardless of the fact you will definitely prefer to wear flat shoes, but there’s no harm in wearing high heels once in a while to look beautiful.


In order not to regret buying high-heeled shoes are expensive, consider the following tips;

  1. Look for shoes that fit and sufficient to let your fingers to move freely. Although it looks trivial, but try to remember, how many high heels that you have at home that when worn, there is a distance at the back of the heel to the shoe cover? If the shoe is too big, you will often bear the entire body in front of your toes. Look for shoes that can hold your heel to fit, not too tight, but not too big, so that your weight rests on the back.
  2. Bearing shoes. Some shoe manufacturers less attention to this issue. Many shoes that look pretty, but when worn, will make the ball of the foot pain. To fix this, you can try to buy special pads for shoes that now there are many on the market. There is also a special high heels, like a gel, to be placed on the ball of the foot. Its function is to reduce the base body so as not to make the skin of your feet calluses or blisters.
  3. Thick heel can give you better stability, and even help reduce stress because it helps spread the weight is widely supported. Changing high heels to flat shoes occasionally will help reduce the load on the tendons of the calf.
  4. Note the high angle because of high heels. For high shoes up to 10 cm section at the bottom of your foot may still be supported. However, if more than that, then it will be too men walk on tiptoe, and this is not good if you have to wear these shoes in a very long time.
  5. If you always complain of pain at the tip of your toes while wearing high heels closed, perhaps it is time you invest in high heels with open end to reduce the pressure on the front end of the foot. Wear shoes that are part of the open front to relieve pressure on the foot, and prevent pinched toenails, and calluses.

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