5 Latest Celebrity Style Shoe part (2)


Continuing the previous article, this is the 5 Latest Celebrity Style Shoe part(2). Let’s see what the celebrity style clothing combines style with shoes that are very diverse.

  • Black Pumps


This is a classic shoe that is suitable for the office, a romantic dinner, to a party. Look at the style of Miranda Kerr looks sexy with his black shoes.

  • Metal Sandal

Have a pair of a pair of gold color shoes and silver color shoe. Make sure the type is amazing. And when you have to go to the party will look beautiful with a hot pink dress as shown by Lea Michele here.

  • Suede Booties

It is suitable with jeans during the day, for evening wear with the dress as worn by Gwyneth Paltrow’s.

  • Leather Flat Sandals

Basic leather sandals are intended for those days when you decide to lose track of time, lazing in the grass or wander aimlessly. Or those days when you just wish you could relax. Just look Selma Blair makes us want to go on vacation.

  • Your pretty shoes

For Amber Heard, the choice is a pair of pointy chartreuse velvet. To you, who knows well suited. But clearly, follow your taste, do not hesitate or be embarrassed to wear whatever shoes you like. Because confidence is the best recipe to create a stunning appearance.

Here’s my review Latest Celebrity Shoe Style early part of this year. What number do you like? Please select one of them. And be prepared to look stylish at the beginning of this year.

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