5 Latest Celebrity Style Shoe part (1)


It is not enough for a woman’s a pair of shoes. Because in addition to the ever-changing fashion styles, shoes have also become one of the important fashion item that has become an integral part of the clothing, bags for other accessories.

How many shoes should a woman have in the cupboard? the answer is varied and even to unlimited.

But there are ten shoes that must be owned by women:

  • Skin Tone Peep-Toe Pumps


Natalie Portman proves, these shoes fit with any outfit. And will look beautiful in any situation.

  • City Black Boots


Knee high leather boots looks like Sienna Miller used to form the heel is not too high will look timeless and sexy.

  • Ballet Flats


These are shoes that are most important and should be available in your closet. Ballet flats suitable for everyday appearance, clothing, jeans and skirts. Want to look more stylish select the color is striking as Pippa Middleton.

  • Wooden Platform Sandals


Sometimes flat shoes can not be used in two places at once. For example, to show more style and glamour to relax in the morning or evening. However, Pixie Geldof has the right idea with his flatform shoes in the morning, but still can be used for weeknights.

  • Canvas Sneakers


Follow the style of Sarah Jessica Parker while using sneaker, walking away with the baby, you will feel comfortable and still look stylish.

Continued on part 2

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