10 Tips for women choosing wedding shoes


Shoes are one of the important things that support your appearance when she got married. How to choose the right wedding shoes? What should be considered?

For the bride, choosing shoes is one important step that needs to be done after having a bridal gown. Choosing the ideal shoe is difficult, but if you know what to look for and needed, the search will not be too difficult.

Here are 10 tips for women to consider before choosing wedding shoes:

  1. Choose shoes after choosing wedding gowns. This move will certainly make it easier for you to find shoes that fit or able to complete the look of your wedding dress.
  2. If the color of your wedding dress is not common, you might consider creating your own color with dye technique (dye). To ensure the results you want, ask for help from a professional to do it.
  3. If the choice is quite a long wedding dress, shoes usually will not be too visible. So you can choose a more comfortable shoes, such as low-heeled shoes.
  4. But if the wedding dress of your choice is not very long, of course, the shoes will be obvious. So choose a shoe that can enhance your appearance. For example, ankle straps shoes that can make legs look taller.
  5. If you will hold in place outdorr wedding or beach, strappy sandals also could not hurt to be chosen. In choosing the right sandal, you need to be careful, sharp edges of shoes can make it easier to get into the ground or sand.
  6. Do not forget to consider when choosing a pair of high heels. The right is high enough to make you slimmer, but if it turns out it can make your partner look short, this is certainly not the ideal type of shoe.
  7. Note the floor of your wedding location before choosing a shoe. If the floor area wedding including a slick, do not wear shoes with soles that glossy because the risk of making you slip.
  8. The experts suggest the best time to pick or buy wedding shoes is during the afternoon or evening. This is because feet tend to swell at the time. This way you can prevent the shoe suddenly feel cramped at the wedding ceremony lasted until the evening.
  9. Whatever kind of shoe you choose, make sure you try it first before the wedding takes place. Wear shoes for walking and standing around the house. This can reduce the risk of blisters on your feet that happy day.
  10. You must provide more than one shoe, according to the needs of your wedding. For example, for party and dance shoes.

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