Wrong functioning shoes, Beckham falls


David Beckham visit to China. Paris Saint-Germain midfielder was invited by the Chinese Football Federation as the International Ambassador of the Chinese Football. On the fifth day of his visit, Beckham show off tattoos of Chinese characters painted on the left side of his body. When was the father of four children was a guest speaker at Peking University on Sunday (24/3). The day before Beckham visiting football clubs in the province of Wuhan Zall. In the event that Beckham went on to show some of the techniques to play football, a free kick that became his trademark. But when he pointed a free kick, Beckham wore leather shoes for formal events., Fact, formal shoes generally do not have a strong grip on the soil surface. Consequently, Beckham slipped and fell.

Therefore, it should not follow the example of Beckham’s action. Do not use something that is not in accordance with its function. The result can be dangerous for you and people around you. Besides dangerous, I think you also will be ashamed. Okay, let’s see the photos of Beckham falls successfully captured by Lintao Zhang.

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