What do you think about Brooklyn Zoo shoes Jay-Z?


After he was criticized for wearing snakeskin shoes, now turn to her husband who became controversial. Husband-wife is the Jay-Z & Beyonce. This time it was Jay-Z was seen wearing shoes of elephant skin.

Jay-Z was caught on camera wearing shoes made of elephant skin is also created by famous brand shoes Perfect Made Kicks (PMK). Elephant leather shoes made specifically for one of the world’s richest musicians (Jay-Z).

As quoted by the Daily Mail, previously brand PMK also made leather shoes for Beyonce, so Beyonce received criticism from animal lovers organization PETA. Wearing shoes that are made from exotic animal skins such as anacoda, crocodile, stingray, Beyonce accused of very cruel.

Criticism of the PETA does not seem to affect the PMK to create shoes that are made from animal skins for Jay-Z. Air Jordan Shoes with the name of one of Brooklyn Zoo made of different kinds of animals that stingray skin, anaconda, ostrich, crocodile, calf, python snakes, lizards, boa snakes and elephants.
The use of elephant skin as a raw material for items such as shoes or bags is not illegal in the United States. In the Convention Of International Treaty Of Endangered Species (CITES), elephant skin is not included in the list are illegal to sell under certain conditions.

However, PETA said selling leather shoes from elephant and other animal skins are very cruel. “There is no shame left in this world, that some people, ordered the massacre of the largest, especially in animals just to make them a pair of shoes for,” a spokesman denounces PETA, Ingrid Newkirk.

The use of animal skins appear on the label of shoes. Elephant animal appears most prominent in the shoe label’s price of U.S. $ 2,500. You animal lover? What do you think about the Brooklyn Zoo shoes Jay-Z?


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