Wedges from the collection of D & G shoes summer 2012


As we know all, D & G already has its own characteristics in the design of his shoe. Especially for shoes Wedges, D & G collections for the year 2012 is not too different from last season. Overall differences in the collection of D & G shoes this summer looks more graceful, elegant and glamorous. While last season’s shoe collection for D & G looks more gerly and feminine.

In addition to the design pattern on the shoe body is very dynamic, design patterns are also supported by using very bold colors. Thereby strengthening the glamorous image of these shoes.

Like the other components of fashion, shoes that have a glamorous image of this will be very suitable if used by a woman who likes to look glamorous. And to complement your appearance, please combine them with a dress that fit so as to strengthen the image of glamorous shoes from D & G collection is.

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