Unique shoes by Cobi levi


Try to look at these shoes. Very unique and interesting is not it? Yes, the shoes with an unusual design is the work of designer Kobi Levi.

This designer is known for his work who like to experiment with the design of the shoe. Starting from the banana-shaped leather shoes, illustrations “chewing gum”, goose, until the shoes are inspired by the style of Madonna in an event.

Levi admitted, his inspiration came from seeing the daily events. “I’m happy if I can put my ideas into the form of my shoes,” Levi said as quoted from Dailymail, Monday (03/21/2011).

To resemble its original form, Levi said, “it takes great effort to produce results as expected”. “It takes patience and extra care so that these shoes can be used, not only used as a display” Levi said.

But if you have unique shoes like this, if you want to wear it?

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