Top Five Players Football Contract with Brand Shoes


In addition to value transfer, which is not less astonishing than the income of a football player is the value of the contract with the sponsor. For example, a contract with a brand of shoes. But not all football players have a contract with a brand of shoes. Only for those who have a high sales value of products to promote. They are great players at this time.

So, who the football players who have contracts with the highest current brand of shoes? Here are five football players who have the highest contract value with a brand of shoes today. They are:

  • Sergio Aguero – Puma – 1.25 million pounds per season

Sergio Aguero name escalated when present in the Premier League. Football player from Argentina was once shocking the public when he first set foot in England wore Puma shoes. This is because earlier he was always loyal to Nike and adidas last summer. It turned out that Aguero was just having a contract with Puma v1.11 for four seasons.

  • Lionel Messi – Adidas – 2 million pounds per season

The best player in the world currently ranks fourth. This is fortunate for Adidas. Why? Due to contracts with Messi to do before winning Balon D’or twice this is to be superstar. That means that Adidas pays relatively little for Messi’s services to promote their best selling shoes, F50 adiZero. Of course its value will increase if the contract be extended later.

  • Cesc Fabregas – Puma – 3.2 million pounds per season

After parting from Nike, Cesc Fabregas decided to get more profits by Puma. Last spring, this Barcelona midfielder signed a new contract as an ambassador of Puma shoes, is Puma PowerCat 1.12. The result, Cesc Fabregas was third for the highest contact with a shoe brand.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Nike – 5 million pounds per season

When they managed to bring Cristiano Ronaldo in 2010 to become a star in their shoes CR Mercurial, Nike really get the full package. Ie a player who has the power, good skills, a distinctive style of free kick and looks handsome as a model.

  • David Beckham – Adidas – 7 million pounds per season

Who is able to stop David Beckham? During one generation, the former England captain managed to sell the ideas that were taken from the Adidas Predator boots. Beckham was able to convince fans to wear Predator football boots and willing to do the Beckham style free kick.

Contract with Adidas is the result of negotiations by a team of Beckham. Of each pair of shoes or clothing that was heavily promoted, Beckham get one percent of the price of the product. No wonder if David Beckham wins in the list of football players who have the highest contract value with a brand of shoes in the history of world football.

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