Tips Safety and Comfortable Wearing High Heels


In general, women use a lot of shoes to support the appearance and confidence. Types of women’s shoes is currently dominated by models of high heels. However, the model is better known by the name of this stiletto often makes women suffer because of her heels are too high.

Even a high heel can cause injury to the leg or sprain. But for those who are sick but want to use these types of women’s shoes, there are some tips safety and comfortable wearing high heels, such as:

  1. Limit the duration of use. Avoid high heels for too long, or more than 4 hours continuously.
  2. Try to get the ideal weight for a lighter load on the foot.
  3. In order to remain flexible feet, try to do strecthing every morning. This step can make no tension on the muscle and smooth blood circulation.
  4. Perform calf massage for 3-4 minutes each day and also did a stretch in the calf and ankle.
  5. Choose a size suitable shoes or sandals. Tips for buy shoes is in the afternoon, when your feet are blooming.

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