This is Nike Mercurial Victory CR IV?

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PATCHWORK happy news, and also wonder if the series of Nike mercurial Victory IV latest and there seems to be tailor-made for the CR series, which makes surprise is its shape, it was already quite familiar forms in the market, which is famous for fake shoes, when you see a picture of Nike , it turns out, shoes Nike CR Mercurial Victory IV, it looks like the same picture above.

Photos are circulating in market like the photo above is obviously fake shoes, when compared with the original shoe there are several differences are quite striking and easy to distinguish between false same original shoes, see photo below is original Nike Mercurial Victory IV CR shoes .

Nike mercurial Victory IV Original indoor shoes

Stock photo Shoes Nike CR Mercurial Victory IV of the original still has not been widely circulated. Maybe you will find it difficult, but from the photos above could clearly to distinguish between counterfeit shoes with original shoes.

Fake Nike Mercurial IV indoor CR shoes

Broadly speaking, a striking difference Shoes Nike CR Mercurial Victory IV genuine and counterfeit can be distinguished from the color of the existing outsole pad the shoe. Where, color outsole for fake shoes has the color yellow and the original color is plain white outsole.

Apart from the color of soles, looks are also differences on the display form Swosh Nike logo, see two photo above, which looks plain logo is fake, but the original Nike logo was suggested that as the state moves quickly.

Actually, still doubt the name Shoes Nike CR Mercurial Victory IV, is it really like that or any other name, the title of the post using a question mark, let us together wait for further news.

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