The Danger Often Wear Gladiator Sandals


Type of Gladiator Sandals are very fitting use for a leisurely stroll. Especially if you want to show off the delicate skin of your feet. However, do not wear sandals of this type too often.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Lorraine Jones from Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in the UK, said the Gladiator Sandal that has a flat shape can cause problems on your feet.

Too often wear Gladiator Sandals can make the tendons at the back of the heel stretch, including the calf muscles. The use of this type sandals can also trigger pain. Usually after two weeks of usage.

These sandals are usually made of leather and flat soles. Shock movement on foot to be reduced in this sandal, this can increase the risk of interference with the heel called plantar fasciitis.

This disorder can lead to pain that typically occurs when you wake up, when he first put foot on the floor in the morning. Therefore, do not be too often wear these sandals.

Although there are bad effects, strap on gladiator sandals can make your legs do not move so you do not easily slip.

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