Shown with Extreme Style by Wearing Shoes Spike Shadow


Shoes that look very odd is called cut-out platform. Lady Gaga is one of the artists who make the shoes of this type is known by so many women and is now a fashion trend for fans of unique appearance. Its form is unusual, heel in front, not behind as usual. They often wear these shoes also do not say that the model cut-out platform shoes are comfortable to wear.

But for a unique appearance, the fans do not mind with inconvenience it. Such as shoes with metal spikes below. Almost the entire surface of the shoe planted with thorns, so it was scary.

But the cut-out platform shoes also look beautiful when paired with the right mix of fashion. Malignant but also has a sensual impression. This name this unique shoes is Spiked Shadow. Designed by Jeffrey Campbell is often made cut-out platform. But be careful when walking with these shoes because the heel is reached 14 cm.

Are you interested in having this Shadow Spiked shoes? Its price is $ 264. Ordering can be done online via the site

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