REV’IT! Air Blend Boots, Shoes for The Biker


Not all types of shoes can be worn for riding a motorcycle. Shoes should be able to protect the riders legs from the accident but also comfortable to wear for long distance travel. The second criterion is owned by REV’IT!’S Air Blend Boots. REV’IT!’S Air Blend Boot for U.S. $ 220 is made of a combination of suede leather, Cordura nets, Pampas cowhide-coated polyurethane and oil resistant and equipped with steel-reinforced soles.

The heel, toes and ankles are protected by REV’IT!’S SP Protec panels, while the shin and the rope itself is protected by a soft layer so that the straps do not interfere when riding a motorcycle. On the edge of the shoe has holes like a net that serves as a ventilation air flow which makes the temperature inside the shoe remains stable, so the riders feet will remain comfortable.

Shoes that are actually provided for motorcyclists is very easily removed and worn, lightweight and comfortable for everyday use including walking and hiking. With an attractive design style so that it remains worthy of our use when we do not ride a motorcycle.

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