Prada shoes, Beautiful Design Inspired by Classic Car


For those of you who claim to “Fashionista” is not complete if you do not have a collection of Prada shoes for sandals output. This Italian brand has just introduced a collection of spring 2012, inspired by a classic car design in the 1950’s in the United States.

From several collections, Prada uses a lot of design elements such as car spoilers, chrome accents to the brake lights (lights break) attached to the heel. The colors chosen also illustrates victory “muscle cars“. Although different, but instead create a new look, a fresh, especially in the fashion world.

Prada has not announced the price of any collection of shoes and sandals. Because of the reputation and prestige, we can be sure his prices are definitely high. And also because it is produced by hand, high quality and there are only a few pairs worldwide or limited collection.

Want to know the shape of sandals and shoes have a classic car design, see the pictures below!

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