Nike Studio Wrap, Specifically for Dance


Nike managed to design footwear that can optimize your movements while doing yoga or dancing. Shoe designs created very feminine and chic in the foot. Toes are left open so as to provide ease of movement. Thus, the wearer can still feel the sensation of bare feet, but it feels more comfortable, as reported by the New York Daily News.

A new product called Nike Studio Wrap is already on sale online at in February 2013. What makes Nike footware look comfortable? This product incorporates neoprene and silicone that is guaranteed to help the absorption of sweat and stability in motion.

Before officially launched to the public, Nike has conducted trials in more than 30 prototypes in determining the final design. Furthermore, this time in the form of modular design of Nike shoes are made of three parts, namely wrapping, ribbon, and sandals.

Interested? This footware will be sold at a price of USD 110 or about USD 1058,750 at

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