Nike Football Shoes come with new technology


Nike is one shoe brand whose name was worldwide. Shoes that are commonly used in various sports such as basketball and is also famous for its good quality and its design is cool. Nike continues to provide advantages to each player to dominate the game of tennis with a choice of football boots are suitable for the type and style of play is different. This season, Nike offers several options for his football boots.

  • Nike T90 IV LASER

Focus on adaptation to technical needs and movement of a striker who is active, the T90 Laser IV 20% lighter than previous versions and has a curved silhouette that fits to the foot and also the sensitivity of the ball. The front of the shoe provide a protective designs are rearranged so that the main areas are divided into the flexible lines to increase the natural strength and accurate at the foot.

  • Nike Tiempo Legend IV ELITE

Tiempo Legend Elite IV is made of premium leather is strong and soft, gives a player comfort, the extra touch and control. Integrating touch and sensitivity unmatched by innovations such as carbon fiber plate, Flywire technology and configuration pool / stud birth of a legend. This is the lightest Tiempo version, 20g lighter than its predecessor. 2012 version of this display of white and red color combination of metallic.

  • Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III

Has a traction system that can adapt to provide extra grip, and the response, the seventh generation of the Mercurial series makes fast players can take advantage of every opportunity to score. Blades (blades) are directionally positioned to maximize the cutting technique and allows quick changes of direction, while secondary toe traction add strength toe-off on the initial steps are critical explosion ahead full speed. Broadly speaking, this design allows a larger speed and dexterity in all directions.

  • NIKE ELITE II CTR360 Maestri

Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite is designed for players who want to master the techniques of control in the field. A midfield maestro, requires the ability to control time with an accurate pass, dictate the pace of the game and create opportunities. The top of the Kanga-Lite synthetic leather ensures comfort and fit on the foot. Bearing zone to receive and pass to give a great first touch and improve ball control and distribution of more precise.

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