New shoes that looked worn from Converse


Normally we would throw shoes that have been worn and old. But unlike the Converse shoes are more comfortable and cool even if it has been used. Celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, Rihanna or Jessica Alba also makes these shoes a favorite for their casual style.

Do not want to create loyal fans wait long to get the effect of worn-out shoes, Converse has launched an unusual collection, a pair of shoes that looked like old shoes and dirty.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, this creation was made because, according to Converse, nothing is more comfortable than an old pair of shoes that fit in the leg. Well Worn Shoes Collection is also deliberately designed from canvas material that looks ‘fade‘, and the soles are made of rubber looks dirty. While shoelaces made thinner to to give the impression that the old. The Converse shoes come in three colors, is pink, turquoise and blue.

new Converse casual style shoes

Shoes that are rumored to release this month of April 2013, priced £ 55 or USD 800 thousand. High enough price for a pair of ‘old shoes’. Interested to have it?

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