Modern look with shoes and sandals from Rockport


Rockport continues to grow in selling fashion products, especially in the category of women’s shoes. In addition to the design that does not leave a trend also does not rule out the use of convenience. And for 2012, Rockport has introduced a new women’s shoe collection for spring 2012. One of the women’s Rockport shoes collection for spring 2012 is Modern Artisan shoes, these shoes are designed with a minimalist pattern of holes in the form of a box that looks like wicker, making it look more modern shoes.

Modern Artisan type of shoe is targeted at fans of metropolitan fashion. Architectural detail of this shoe will be able to bring women appear fresh, energetic from morning till night without sacrificing style or comfort. Choice of color for this season is a neutral color like black, beige, and gray with a touch of blue, and shoes made ??of suede leather and exotic materials.

The main products of this season is Rockport Women’s Janae Sandal Sq Perf Sandal Ankle Strap Heels, gorgeous sandal with a square hole at the top. These sandals are available in 2 colors: Black and Cream. The other major product is the Rockport Women’s Zelia Sq Perf Peep, another design with a square hole as well. Available in two colors, Black and Cream.


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