Mercurial Vapor IV – Not easily tired while playing Football


This shoe is perfect for narrow foot or leg length (not widened) because the slim shape of this shoe. The type of player that is suitable for this shoe is the attacker or winger, or a player who relies on speed required for the latest Nike football boots are very lightweight. For amateur players, the more frequent contact with foreign objects thrown because the wrong bait or wrong kick, new nike football boots will greatly help improve your reputation.

Toes pointed and flat, help players crossing or feed side by accurately using the inside leg. Its surface from synthetic materials, abrasive to the ball. This condition is helpful for you to spin the ball when a free kick. Maybe this is the lightest shoe ever.

For the power shot, it’s no one special of this latest Nike football boots. Personally I find it even less. I often try long shoot from outside the box 16. The result? embarrassing. Perhaps because his shoes are too small. But when necessary, use the prefix run faster. Enough momentum to increase the strength of the kick.

Do not wear the latest Nike football boots in the rain when the grass is very wet conditions. Because the risk of surface layers can be broken shoes and torn. Moreover studsnya designed for firm ground. I also always wear a plaster bandage on the heel to ankle, because the steering is very stiff carbon. Scraping the inside with leather heel in a high intensity can make make your heel blisters.

My advice, you should select the size that actually fit in the leg. I mean do not take into account factors socks, let’s just do not wear socks when wearing the latest Nike football boots. Because these shoes have fit the advanced features gradually adjust to the contours of the foot after two or three times used.

Oh yes, for the treatment of this latest Nike football boots should not be washed immediately after use. Simply cleaned of residual grass and soil and let dry. And then wipe the surface with absorbent cloth or chamois.

Overall, the latest Nike football boots are amazing. I also wonder why I want to review voluntarily without expecting compensation received one pair of free shoes from Nike. Best football boots I ever have.

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