Margaret Thatcher’s shoes began auctioned

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Although already died in April, former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher remains a dominant figure in the country’s history. After the display appears in a unique art trading site eBay, now its treasures begin auctioned.

One is two pairs of black satin shoes from British shoe manufacturers design, Rayne. Rayne works have graced the feet of the nobles and the British royal family since 1936. Including Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Princess Margaret and others.

Two shoes are made specifically for Margaret Thatcher auctioned on PFC Auctions. One is a black stiletto shoe straps are decorated with black and gold. Auction prices start from £ 150 for these shoes. Until recently listed three bidders.

While other shoes are also made of black silk. Has diamond detail on the back, valued at £ 100 with a single bidder. Both are used by Margareth when he led, between 1988 and 1991.

There is a logo on the soles of shoes manufacturers Rayne, and a little note that reads, “Made especially for Mrs Margareth Thatcher.

Adrian Roose, director Paul Fraser Collectibles (PFC) is auctioning off the shoes said, “We are seeing increasing interest in Margaret Thatcher memorabilia market lately. Previously, Maggie bag (the nickname of Margaret Thatcher) was released for £ 100,000, so it will be very interesting to see the achievement of value for these shoes, “he added, quoted by the Daily Mail.

Besides bags, some other things are also auctioned on PFC is a black and white photo that Margaret Thatcher opened with prices starting from £ 100. There are other books signed by Maggie at prices ranging from 45 pounds.

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