Maliko Olukai shoes, With Hand Octopus Design on the Soles


Malikoi Olukai shoes like other sports shoes, but if you look properly, two things are innovative in their shoes. First, the front of the shoe which is divided into two separate sections devoted to the foot with the other fingers, the design is claimed will make your trip more comfortable and stable, just imagine wearing sandals, which one is better?

In addition, in the sole of the shoe has a unique design, the bottom or sole of the foot is designed similar to an Octopus Hands or octopus arms in which this function will not be easy to slip when walking on slippery wet places.

“Octopus Hands” is like a vacuum that will stick when you’re walking so it is not easy to slip because of slippery roads, But of course you do not expect you to be Spiderman by buying these shoes. This Olukai Maliko shoes sold for U.S. $ 100.

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