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Fitflop footwear launched his latest collection, High Summer 2013. This collection is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic tradition when people drink tea.

“The tradition of the Japanese tea drinking is very elegant and beautiful. But everything is still showing the simplicity of style during the ceremony, “said Kamil Karan, Regional Brand Manager FitFlop, the launch of the High Summer 2013 Collection, Wednesday (08/05/2013) ago.

Simple but still elegant in look, this latest collection is presented in new four Fitflop, namely Hanabira, Suisei, Sho, and Bon. Hanabira sandals collection is a collection of petals accented sandals are made of suede. Sandals with flower petals accent this will make the wearer’s legs look so feminine. Collection of Hanabira consists of three colors, namely black and white, nude, and pink punch.

While the collection of Suisei is a collection of women’s sandals with a sprinkling of crystal accents so it looks luxurious. “In Japan, Suisei means comet. Sprinkling crystals on sandals are made to look like a comet,” Kamil added.

This sandal comes with a backstrap, so it looks more formal style. This collection consists of three colors, namely black, pewter (mixed green and black), and nude.

If you want to accentuate the beauty of your toenails, Sho collection can satisfy you. This model is inspired by Asian fashion style that is widely used in the summer. This collection consists of four colors, namely red, pink punch, brown, and black.

“Typically, Fitflop already have common form. But not so with silhouettes like Sho, with large arches at the ankles and a small arch on the thumb, this is the first time launched by Fitflop, “he added.

While the collection presented in the type of Bon buckled and strappy leather sandals. This sandal comes with a backstrap, so each step feels so comfortable. Choice of a neutral color such as pink punch, brown, and black is very suitable to be combined with shorts or jeans hipster.

“Excellence is located on the soles of his Fitflop taking microwobbleboard technology. This technology consists of three important parts, and different functions, ie high density, low density, and mid density,” he explained.

A high-density soles are touching the heel of the foot. The sol coating can help relieve stress joints of the foot. Whereas a low density in the center of the sole is more tender texture than the front and back soles. Sol serves to increase leg muscle activation. And a density mid sole front that serves to help keep pace while running.

That’s the new FitFlop review, may be an alternative for women to look beautiful.

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